How do I view an apartment that is listed on the available rental listing?

Please e-mail our office to schedule a viewing of apartments and to confirm availability.

How do I apply for an apartment?

After you have viewed the apartment, all adult occupants must submit a completed and signed application and pay a $40.00 (individual) or $60.00 (married couple) application fee which authorizes the verification of employment and income, landlord references, and a credit report.

What should I know before I move in?

For your convenience, we have listed the telephone numbers of the utilities in our area:

  • Dominion Energy: 1-866-366-4357
  • Virginia Natural Gas: 1-866-229-3578
  • Cox Cable: 1-757-359-5080

Our office number: 757-625-3502
After hours emergency maintenance: 757-625-3502 extension 107
Police: 911 (emergency)
Police: 441-5610 (non-emergency Norfolk); Police:393-8257 (non-emergency Portsmouth)
Poison Control Center: 1-800-552-6337

Below you will find a list of after hour emergencies. For all other maintenance requests call the office and we will respond as quickly as possible during our normal workweek. Emergencies will be handled first, all other work requests will be added to our maintenance log and work performed in order of necessity.

  1. No Heat/AC
  2. Fire
  3. No hot water
  4. Refrigerator not working
  5. Stopped up sewer (not toilets; clogged toilets are resident’s responsibility
  6. Lockout ($65.00 charge)
  7. No power (circuit breakers/fuses are resident’s responsibility
  8. Water leak causing major damage

Please keep these numbers close to your phone. Emergencies can arise and we want you prepared if they happen to you.

We recommend that you have you electricity turned on 3 working days prior to your move-in date to assure that everything is working properly. Also, you must notify the maintenance department when your utilities (gas, phone and electric, etc.) are scheduled to be turned on so arrangements can be made to have the related equipment accessible, or you will be charged to have someone come out at the last minute. Once you receive your new home phone number, please contact the office. We will need it for our records.


Please email our office to schedule viewing of apartments and to confirm availability.